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Bizarre Things About The Chris Watts Case


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The Chris Watts case was one of the grimmest in recent memory. In an attempt to make a new life with his mistress, Chris Watts killed his pregnant wife, Shanann, and two young daughters, Bella and Celeste. Watts would receive three consecutive life sentences, plus 48 years for wrongful termination of a pregnancy, plus another 12 for tampering with the bodies of his murdered family. The story has been told on the news, and in the 2020 Netflix true crime documentary “American Murder: The Family Next Door”. However, certain details remain to be told. Here are bizarre things about the Chris Watts case.

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Chris Watts changed overnight | 0:00
Google’s romance advice | 1:31
Wedding dress shopping | 2:22
A ‘secret calculator’ app | 3:31
A normal Sunday | 4:31
The burial site | 5:26
His parents defended him | 6:11
He wanted to be ‘free’ | 7:17
Metallica lyrics | 8:08
Wrongful claims | 9:05
Nichol Kessinger’s Google history | 10:12
Another infamous mistress | 11:28
An apology | 12:45
A ghost on Netflix? | 13:44

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