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Algae For Energy & The Priest Of Blockchain: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)


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This is the March 21, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

4:22 As the German government steps up its effort to deport migrants, many churches are defending them. They give rejected asylum seekers a place to hide and some have been converting Muslims to Christianity. VICE News visits a congregation in Berlin where the congregants are made up largely of migrants from Iran and Afghanistan.

10:32 Authorities in Central Texas confirmed today that the serial bomber in Austin is dead. The suspect, a 23 year old white male named Mark Anthony Conditt, blew himself up inside his car, while being pursued by law enforcement early this morning.

14:29 Way out in the California desert, researchers have installed a 900 foot metal chute full of green slimy algae. They think the algae can clean polluted water and become a renewable source of fuel, and they’re being bankrolled by a powerful backer: the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Lab.

19:09 Patrick Byrne runs Overstock.com. He’s also a philosophy-loving libertarian, a survivalist with stashes of gold, and thinks bitcoin can save the world – an idea he’s putting into practice at his own company, which now encompasses a crypto exchange, its own ICO, and a slew of other blockchain-centric subsidiaries. VICE News profiles the bitcoin evangelist.

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