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65 acres, Creek, Pond 2 homes, Real Estate for sale in Kentucky horse property for sale


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65 acre horse farm, pond, stream, 2 homes, woods, Kentucky, Waynesburg – King’s Mountain area KY

[00:00:00] You’re gonna love this. It’s everything everybody asks for. It’s got the house. In fact, it’s got to get 65 acres. It’s got a creek on it. It’s got a pond on it or two. It’s got to do Ashen off. It’s got a shop for. Horse stalls. Long driveway. 26000 feet of road frontage. Check the details on the Web page. And pull over here, because we’re being Sunday drivers and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll show you where the property line starts. This is right up here. 65-acre horse farm, pond, stream, 2 homes, woods, Kentucky, Waynesburg, KY

[00:00:46] Halfway through. OK. Halfway between this this tree and this fence, OK. As we kind of get up here closer to drive faster, it’s fine. All right. Yeah. Somewhere in this range, here’s where the property starts and I’ll go out the window here now because it’s pretty nice. Inheres Here’s all good stout fans. You got 1,2,3,4,5,6 strands of barbed wire, some evergreens here. Love those pine trees. And there’s the house here just a little bit. Here’s a driveway coming in and we’re going to. We’re gonna be photographing there at that house next. Which is perfect. Mother daughter, you know, son house, Granny house, whatever you want to do, or a rental house. So you get rental income here the other night.

[00:01:45] Lot of nice flat here. And then you got a lot of nice rolling with the creek and the woods. Everybody wants woods. Well, we got it here now. I know what the percentage is. What do what do you think the percentages is greater than half or less than half of the of the overall property is Woods or maybe about half ash.

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[00:04:36] And it’s that Blackwood is about six or eight by six or eight in about a foot or two long. And you get 4 cords for $240 delivered, which is great. So but it wouldn’t even take that much to heat this place. But anyway, if you wanted to go cut your own, you could heat the place for nothing anyway. 46 by 50. It’s ginormous. When you go come from a regular house and you come into this place, it’s like a regular house or like claustrophobic. This got 14 foot ceilings in the main body. And this is 10 foot ceilings here. Now, this is a carport. So this is 16 this way. And 20 this way. 19, 5, 19 feet, 5 inches. So 16 by 20, that’s unfinished to be a good carport. Or you could enclose it. You’ve got materials here and close it yourself and put in another bedroom or two. I mean, talking about, what, 320 square feet? Plenty of room for whatever else you wanted to do or have a nice carport is like car.

[00:05:36] So sick. This this place is on 65 acres. Dan just told me. Let me change white down. That’s so much better. OK. Check this out. See you got poured concrete floor, which you got to love that you could do nothing to it. You could stain it. You know, they have that stain like Cameco or you can do a stain yourself, which is linseed oil lacquer, thinner and a pigment. The walkathon and dries it. The linseed oil. Shamir’s it. Right. And the pigment gives it the pigment. So you could do any color you want. So go to Cameco Web site and you could see all these beautiful stained concrete floors and get some ideas. Or you could do carpeting or laminate or vinyl plank or whatever tile, stone, whatever you want. But anyway, that be a really good solution to making it really beautiful. Some of the colors are just fabulous.

[00:10:45] So you got plenty big yard here, though. We’re over the bridge here. We’ll see where the addition is and lands. Beautiful. Down in the hollows. There’s a creek down there. Planning firewood. And here’s the door into the laundry. Remember, we saw that. And then here’s what I consider the carport. Of course, all their stuff’s gonna be out of there. So you gotta just be creative in your thinking. All insulated. Ready to go. Love it. Lots of square footage for the money. And now one other thing I wanted to tell you. You are five minutes to Waynesburg. Well, what is Waynesburg half? Well, it’s got the post office. It’s got a dollar general. And then you go 15. Ten more minutes and you’re in Stanford. You’ve got hospital there. Wal-Mart Supercenter Lake. Yeah, Cedar Creek Lake, which is 800 square foot fishing. I’m sorry. 800 acre fishing lake. You, you’re 25 minutes from Somerset which is the gateway to Lake Cumberland.

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