$4M homeless plan among motions approved at City Commission meeting


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – Last month, Mayor Todd Alcott announced his $4 million plan to help the homeless population of Bowling Green. Dec. 6, that plan was approved by the Bowling Green City Commission.

“We’re not just saying we’re going to do something, we are actually doing something to help,” Alcott said. “The next step will be to get them to affordable housing, so we’re putting some money into that effort as well.”

The plan will allot $2 million to invest in finding affordable housing, $1 million to improvements to the Main Avenue Salvation Army’s welfare and transient center, and $1 million to creating the newly dubbed Life NAV Collaborative Center.

All funding coming from American Rescue Act plan funds.

“This will be a place with free laundry facilities, a place for people to come and get showers,” said Salvation Army Commanding Officer Johnny Horton, “We’ll also have offices for other nonprofits to be there to do their case management.”

It was also approved at the meeting that $10 million from the American Rescue Plan Act funds would be allocated to assisting in the construction of a public safety training center.

“The new training center, it does multiple things for our community,” Alcott said. “One, it takes one of our oldest firehouses, it needs to be replaced desperately, this is our work point. Second thing it does is it enables us to have our own academies for police and fire.”

Commissioners also voted to raise the mayor’s salary, which was originally set in 1999, though the amount was not immediately disclosed.

This will not affect the sitting mayor.

“I’m proud to make adjustments to the mayor’s salary, we’re the third largest community in Kentucky,” said City Commissioner Sue Parrigin. “This is a very time consuming and a very important job that’s being done, you want the salary to be commensurate with the work that’s being done.”

Mayor Alcott added that opiate settlement money should be coming to Kentucky soon, which he hopes to use to continue to fund the project approved tonight in the future.

Other motions approved included the permitting of police officers and firefighters to work past age 57, the rezoning of the Economy Inn property on the Bypass, and several residential real estate rezonings at Russellville Road, Jefferson Court and Fred Madison Road.

The next City Commission meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 20, and can be streamed on the city’s website.

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