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48 acres horse farm for sale Country Home Ponds, Barns, Kentucky KY


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48 acre horse farm, 3 ponds, 2 barns, woods, Kentucky, Waynesburg Somerset, KY area

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[00:00:03] Today, I’m going to show you the where road farm here at the mailing address is Waynesburg. This is actually Casey County. And you can see on the map where it is absolutely beautiful. This is country charm at its best, 48 acres. It’s got a lot of road frontage. All usable land in all this. Now, those barns don’t go with it. But this barn does. This house, that barn back there. There are several barns on the property and three ponds. That’s what makes it nice. Also in tons’ road frontage. You know, when you’re looking at property, you want you want lots of road frontage. Then you’ve got this is just the neighbor here across the way. Everything’s neat, tidy. 48 acres’ horse farm for sale Country Home Ponds, Barns, Kentucky KY

[00:00:49] Back at that road to the corner and then across the back. And then there’s this road here. So you’ve got frontage on that road in the front here. Then the corner and then all frontage in the back. There’s almost three quarters of a mile of road frontage, which is really important for future subdivision, for just accessibility. Everything with this farm is all usable land. Let’s take a look at it a little bit further. And this Gambrel roof barn here is just as it can be. It’s cinder block construction. And I’ll tell you, I’d have a shop here or carve a little retail spot. It’s got a dog kennel here in the front.

[00:01:31] We can go in and we’ve gotten here. I mean, if you were a groomer or something. This is already set up. If you want to have a little retail thing here. I think of a buddy who sells honey and produce and things like that. It’s all set up already. He’s moved this fence out of the way, which is just a portable fence. And you’re good to go. You got a nice little business right here at your house. this gold country house is actually hand hewn log underneath, which means it’s built like a tank.

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[00:05:07] Zadora upstairs, I’ll show you that in a little bit. There’s two bedrooms and little office there. Is the master bedroom. They’ve got it really nicely decorated. You can tell people these people care about their home. And then the sun porch back here, which, you know, you might call a sun porch, you might call it a mud room. You might call it. They call it a laundry room. They’ve got washer and dryer there. And then you just look out. Overall, your land.

[00:05:50] Remember this little sheds on it. That big barn. It’s a pretty big barn. I’m gonna guess 40 by 60 or so at least there’s a horse trailer you can see next to it. So you can see how big it is. Nice riding arena. We’ll go out there and look. We’re gonna take pictures up there on that ridge as well for you. I promise. Go upstairs. Squat upstairs. None of this will work. Been painted. It doesn’t look like really nice. This is all oak floors. This is the real deal up here. But a little office here for you. Cute bedroom, the other bedroom is for storage. So if you can see beyond that, it’s a lot similar in size to that other bedroom as bunk beds here for the grandkids and storage. Let’s get doors and everything.

[00:10:30] Beautiful, beautiful down here at the pond now on the dam. And like we talked about those hay bales, those are all on the property appear to and up there on the hill. Look at this. Just the best. Imagine being down here fishing a little campfire, going as memory stuff right there. There’s Dan’s car and, of course, the barn. This just needs to be bushwhacked here. This is nothing. It’s beautiful, like a park.

[00:11:09] Ok, here I’m on the backside of the barn, there’s the house up there. So when we were at the house, looking back, obviously, right. So I just want to show you this, because this place kind of makes me feel there’s another little pond over there. This place just makes me feel like a homesteading kind of thing. You can just go Homestead, Mother Earth news, that sort of thing. Just leave all the troubles and the stress away. And I wanted to show you inside the barn. It’s an older barn, but this is perfect for that sort of thing, that sort of feel.

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