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265: Correct Hold vs. Kentucky Windage


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On this episode of Cigars and Sea Stories, Mike and Bennett are talking marksmanship and the true difference between correct hold and Kentucky windage. The Marine Corps iron sights are gone and the RCO, rifle combat optic gun sight, has officially taken over. All entry level shooters start with the RCO in today’s Marine Corps.

What a crock-o-shit! If you can’t shoot with Iron sights, you’re a boot for life!

The problems are plenty. Short target acquisition skills need to be perfected using the binden aiming concept, which does not work for 50% of shooters. Shooters are over-confident during mid to long range engagements and often times stare at the target, widening their group. The worst side effective, from putting a scope on a boot’s rifle, is the “cheating factor”. That’s all Mike heard from the LTs as they shot the RCO, “it’s like cheating!.”

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Shooters need to hold into the wind with an RCO. Meaning a shooter calls range and windage adjustments but rather than adjust the sights physically, the shooter holds in the correct placement for the bullet to strike. The problem is, if you suck it can mean the difference between “One shot, one kill. One shot, hold still! “

Plane and simple. If you can’t shoot iron sights, you’re a boot.



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