2021 Kentucky State Fair and Kentucky Kingdom rides


Some of the rides at this year’s state fair, and from Kentucky Kingdom!

We got a new ride supplier, Kissel Entertainment, made their showing for the very first time at the Kentucky State Fair! I got to see this supplier earlier this year at the Bluegrass Fair in Lexington, so it was pretty exciting to see them showcase at the official State Fair for once and bring their collection of amazing rides to showcase!

Three coaster credits including the Python pinfari roller coaster, which formerly operated at Coney Island in Cincinatti, and several thrilling flats like a KMG Speed, a KMG Inversion, Matterhorn, Fireball, a Scat 2, a Chance swinging ship, and many more!
An important note I noticed:
Kentucky Kingdom and the Kentucky State Fair are two separate attractions. To attend the fair, you need to have purchased separate admission to it prior to entering for entry and parking. It is still possible to visit Kentucky Kingdom without admission to the state fair by entering through Gate 2, but you won’t have access to the fair.

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Kentucky Kingdom and Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. August 21, 2021.

0:00 Day time KY State Fair Thrillville
1:13 Kentucky Kingdom
5:35 Night time KY State Fair Thrillville (Epilepsy warning)

Canon R5
16-35 f/2.8
24-105 f/4
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